Tuesday, February 26, 2008

the feeling so weird~

1st day when we met was the 1st day i met with JY. He came with u.... 1st view i tot u r handsome. but, for the following days u r not handsome(it's a feeling la... n u r sticky!) it's really hate lo.. u oso got keep sms me and msn me^^ i felt tat u r v FAN ><"" after tat i heard JY said tat u were stop wooing me. hmmm... tat time i was felt like " hooray! better dun woo me anymore!"

2 days ago we all met n hv dinner at Kim Gary, i felt tat u r really really handsome. u r charming! expecially ur eyes! damn nice n pretty! hahaha...so, i tried to get closer to u~ i felt tat it's kinda hard le~~ dunno y. mayb it was u stop it~
Dunno who decided to watch movie, n u took ur jacket for me.^^ i felt v SWEET! ^^ hehe^^ sometime u r dancing shuffle, i dunno u r showing off or jus suddenly feel like wann to dance lo... = =" but still not hating u la~ ^^

Afetr tat day i felt like quite miss u de lo.. but my frd is kinda dun like u wow.. and JY ur frd like jealous! arrrr.... wat the hell is goin on man! aiya><>

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