Saturday, December 27, 2008

sh sh

i wam sh sh!!
fuker! some1 inside the toilet!!

Friday, December 26, 2008

A dream

This morning i woke up at 7.30am.
It's a damn early morning, i wish i could
sleep until afternoon.
Because, beside sleep i have nothing to do.

.............I was awake bcos of a dream.............
The dream was my family..
Daddy sitting there very carefree and smiling to us,
mummy sitting another side near the TV,
she is doing some housework stuff.
Sister and two brothers were around.
We are a in a happy mode.

That is what i long time didn't exp.
and the dream i miss out my "Wai Po".
Nvm, she will always in my heart, muaks!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

not a 平安夜

Last nite argue again...
again and again and again..
I really do not wish to b come like this. ( i know u too)
Yesterday was ur fault!
u try to think urself!

If we still keep arguing,
i want to back hometown.
Cause nothing hold me back at here...
really a sad place!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Wen Ta

Wen Ta~!
hahahaha~~ i search ur photos from ur friendster.
Because u look alike with a taiwan guy!
So i post it here to share with friends~

Friends! this is Wen Ta.

Of course the male is Wen Ta la...

Okay, below the pictures i print screen from de.
When im was watching the "Kang Xi Lai Le".
"Kang Xi Lai Le" is a nice show~ v funny~

This is the print screen moment.

Do they look alike??????

Wen Ta is it u went "Kang Xi Lai Le" and you din tell us?????

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Tears drop....

I regret! I shouldn't back by yesterday!

My heart is pain!
really pain!
This is not wat im expected!
It's not, it's not!
it's not it's not it's not
it's not
it's not
it's not
it's not
it's not
it's not
it's not

Friday, December 19, 2008

CNY biscuit

Chinese New Year is coming
my mum is selling biscuit

List is here.....

Rempeyek- RM14






- RM17

- RM17


I dunno much about the biscuit,
i just know it is delicious.

Who want it jus give me a call or leave a mgs at cbox there.
i will contact u soon.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

"Dong Zhi"冬至 "Tang Yuan"湯圓


Dong Zhi (冬至) eat "tang yuan" (湯圓)

I got helped to do the "tang yuan" oh...

I do not like the "dou sha" 豆沙
so i din help to make!

C~ my grandma so good!

both oso ugly so jus post it!
Finally, i ate 7 "tang yuan"
Why we made the "tang yuan" so early bcos i tot
im going back to KL on friday.
so... i told my grandma i want to eat.
She make it for me~ so good.
Although not so delicious, but i love it very much!
i might bring some to KL.
Im going back to KL on saturday,
it's bcos mummy wanna bring me to see doctor AGAIN!
so tomorrow i cant go back to KL first.


Twilight is a super nice movie~
I do wish to watch again.
It was introduced by Jo ^^
It is about a teenage girl risks everything
when she falls in love with a vampire.

Super handsome!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My keyboard

I felt that my brain din use much during the holidays,
so i decided to play some games.
I chosen de games,
end up like this....

1st time

2nd times...

Monday, December 15, 2008


This is the last day, Friday,
im at KL.
It's morning, im with my dar dar went to Oldtown for
our breakfast.

Recently im ok,
luckily im not in a serious sick, until need go to hospital.
Sometimes high fever, sometimes v cold.
I got an injection on friday,
so that my skin dun see the red stuff,
It take time to recover!

C! I'm good~

Luckily my face din hv red stuff~


cool or not?
A present for my dardar.
Cost me alot!

this can change to
this oso~


Monday, December 8, 2008

New year wish~
Draw for Sin Chew Comic competition.

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Since im working the event job, my allergic came.
At 1st i tot im allergic to dust.
Recently I found out that im allergic to prawn!!
How come! I love seafood!
So i tried not to eat prawn...
but it's too late.
The allergic made me have a fever, and something red stuff on my skins.
even i dont eat seafood.
So i guess it's allergic to dust.

After the event job, i went back to my hometown for a few days.
After bak to kl, i join a comic drawing.
Title "New Year Wish".
Im done the things, i think i need alot improvement on my tablet drawing.

Many days din upload my blog.
Bcos my life is boring!
Sick is one of the event goin on myself.
Wat's the next event?
Hope not lying in room.

Actually today im goin to Kepong to play layang-layang.
but im having a fever!
Im scared that they wont date me out anymore. =(
Hope they enjoy.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Finally finished my event job.
Work at there i know 2 new friends,
they are not college student.
They ad 23 and 25 years old.
Actually they beside working they still got
go out relax de.
They went play kite, they went eat sea-food,
they went Pulau Ketam just to change their luck...
They enjoy their life!

Now i do not have any work.
so i ask my dar dar to give me assignment.
And he gave me a comic competition!
" Dar dar, u know my drawing skill not so good de lar. But i will try and win u! Blek =p"

As i know from my senior.
Next term we got 2 interface, flash and figure!!
Oh god... how come the next term got figure mia?

Friday, November 28, 2008

Isn't that i do not want to stay at home.
When im home, i wanna talk something and say something,
is there anyone who listen to me?
I tried my best to repeated it in a few times.
When im home, what can i do?
Watch movie/tv?
Grandpa wants to watch.
Brother using.
When there is no one using the tv and computer,
I can online, i can watch the movie that i like.
But i feel bored!
I dun feel like staying just to watch movie and online.
I want to go out!
But where else i can go?
No friends there!
I prefer KL!
My college friends are here, my primary friends here too..
and my BF is here.
He willing to listen to me,
I can go out.
I prefer KL life..
Mummy and daddy is not staying with us...
They come when they are free.
Im used to it ad.
When im young, i live with my grandma at KL,
i see my parent twice or once in a year.
After that i went to Melaka to study, and now im at KL.
I know they are sayang me.
but i think they used the wrong way to sayang.
I feel bad!
Bcos i did not stay longer in YP.
I dunno wat can i say anymore.
No one right and no one wrong!

Anyway, Im back to KL.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Yong Peng

Yesterday came back to my hometown.
2 months plus din back here ad.
Here is nothing much changed, human, building, motor.....
It's so different from the KL.
Just now i went out with my brother, we went "long gai"
by motor. It's hot, but still feeling good to move around to see.
I saw many Malays around the kampung, i feel scared!
Mayb becos of KL.

Finally i visited my 2 grandma. They ad old, sick, here pain there pain.
They make me feel like wanna take k of them,
and wan them to live in peaceful life.
Talk easy, do hard.

Time to eat, my grandma calling lu...
so "ham fok"! grandma cook ler... long time din eat.

Eat 1st***

Monday, November 24, 2008

my Monday day

Im working on an event job.
Only on November weekends.
This is a magic show at Sunway Pyramid.

This is the lunch for myself.
My maggie mee finished ad so i left this and biscuit.

Guess guess guess
I oso dunno wat.
my housemate leave it there..
Oh fukk... so geli!
Better clean it!

And im waiting some1 send me something.

Our future baby, Chien Yien

See! our baby is the cutest!


Today is monday.
I'm wondering that some1 will send me the receipt or not..
It is the first time i met a human like that!
Not only me cant tahan him.
Everyone knows how's he behaviour.
Some1 told me,"u same group with him ar? he is like that de. 2nite u no need wait for him."
Oh god! This semester i grouped with him in alot projects.
I knew too... luckily this is a short semester.
And tis sem is my 1st sem group up with him.
Hey, pls take ur responsible in everything la.
It will help in ur future.
A lot of chances are given.
Appreciate it!

We are invisible

Oh fine! we are invisible!
and you and you are no xxxxx mia!
/I dunno
you are giving a advise or just make us scare of it.
you, you r same with us.
/ So dun think u r same with
them! and you lagi, who are you! so hiao!

Friday, November 21, 2008

My future

I getting boring and visited Ejin's blog.
I read and saw her future babies with different partners.
I tried out a few oso...

Y our baby so thin geh?

Ejin, can u see our future baby?
so rude!

OMG! Wee Mei dun teach our baby drink and smoke la..

Jo, i know we dun hv future.
We can only be friend!

Stephanie! u see!

Enjoy and hv a try^^

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy birthday, stephanie

Happy birthday Stephanie <3
november 7, 08
Well, i know u r not happy on ur birthday.
U cried...
Sorry, that day im not beside u to accompany u.
Who asked u to go home ar!
not my fault!

Anyways happy on the other 355 days^^

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Love at 1st sight

Title: Love at first sight

This is the movie clip that i did.
Comment it ^^

Tired day~

It's so B-U-S-Y + T-I-R-E-D days...
Last thursday until this now, today, 11/11/08, 2am.
Thursday went club, MOS,
Friday went Lagoon,
Saturday till Monday got to work..
and now i just helped Stephanie(group leader)
type out some content, divider, main page... ....
I hvnt done yet...
I know KK v good 1~
I dun hv enough sleep, wednesday i can sleep till die.
no need bother about assignment, work and my bf.
cos my bf hv to deal with his assignment!
I got alot to post~ but after all the shit things 1st la..
Good nite
(still thinking finish the perspective now or tomolo?)

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Silk screen really not bad to experience it.
Siaw Wei and i really did tried, we are lucky,
we tried once den success with the 3 silkscreens.
But we wasted money by dunno wat to use to print it out.
At 1st we thought that fabric dye can easily absolve by the paper,
but it is not that easy. Den we tried poster color! Diu! wasted the
poster colors oso.. not success. At last we decided to use fabric dye
and the cloth. So we still have purple and black color poster color.
Anyone who need poster colors can buy from us. if possible then contact siaw wei.
We finished it at 8 something pm, really tired. But siaw wei n i dun satisfied
with it. bcos the colors was wrong mix. Disappointed!
10.30am went college den 8.15pm only left the college!
Recently i always use the computer to do my assignments.
Movie clip...
Interface Design...
Yesterday i was doin the perspective...
I did feel like wana use the ctrl+z
when i drawn wrong!

Last week....
23rd of Octorber 2008

Micco sang
still got Tobby sang
double B
double C
double L
nice to meet u double B^^
I done my movie clip for Visual Comm..
Im happy, bcos..
it's cute
got micco sang's voice
i did put alot efforts in it
still remember that i replaced the wronged
to the original file...
I cried!
sambil crying and sambil doing again... (pity sia)
now i do feel proud for my movie clip.
cant wait to present it.
Lastly.. ...

Somemore to talk!
Can a tutor pato with a student ler?
That day i heard a tutor said cannot PATO
with college tutor and lecturer right?
What is the punishment???
What if be4 he/she be a tutor or lecturer,
he/she ad had a BF/GF who still a student?

Saturday, October 25, 2008

5th months

♥5th months anniversary♥
Dar Dar, 5th months ler..
Sorry that i always bully u,
thanks that u always care for me.
stay confident yeah dar dar. ^^
I ♥ you, Daniel.

Friday, October 24, 2008

no sweet story

Do not hv any sweet story for recently.
Actually i got an idea, but i hv no mood to write it here.

Dar dar got sick, i cant do anything. =(

N now i got many feeling like... .....
Alot of things came to my mind.
I dunno which im crying for...

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Our group get B+ for final ( i tot we can get A- de...)
Drama class ended by this week. Finally no more acting,
i really lack of stories for Gary. =)
Somemore, thanks to my teammates who are with me
fight to the last. During the last week i really angry with wat had happened
and the cancellation. haiz, it's a past. 4get about it.
Drama class over...
Few days ago, the posts were so so so RUDE!
tomolo gonna post a sweet story here. =D

Monday, October 20, 2008

Interactive Interface Design User test

Hi buddies and visitors.
I'm doing user test for my Interactive Interface Design in
my multimedia design blog. Pls have a look and give me comments.
Im looking for negative comments so that i can improve more in my
interface design.
I will appreciate it. Thank you.



y we cant?

Another group members were from different other places, and we're staying near by!
The managed to finished the script and practiced 2 times! Y WE CANT?

No mood? EXCUSE! U urself dunno how to manage ur time la! Really dissapointed!

Jus let it be...................................................
Give up! U guys do anything u like.

I jus wan a pass.

Sunday, October 19, 2008



Finally i done my interface! except the loading page la...
hehe^^ im so happy^^ but tired now... 4.20am ler!

Hmmm... special thanks to my dar dar...
He taught me how to use tablet and gv me advise^^

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Good luck

Good luck to my drama

Bad words

This time i really cannot tahan le la....
all my bad worrds are coming out!

WAT THE FUK! JI PEK! !@$%^&**&U^Y$#...

How can u guys not coming ar?
I really regret to joined lor! oh fuk!
Call ad not answer, no on phone! y m i so suffer?
huh... diu!
sick of all this!

Rainbow from dar dar^^

Wow... my dar dar really gave me a rainbow!


We 're together again~ ^^

Friday, October 17, 2008

Rainign day

oh god! i hate raining day!
make ppl moody too...

This few days got to work on our final projects.
Facing the computer more than my sleeping time!
I dun wan wear spec.... ( be4 i do wish, hehehe...)

This few days got something really freak me out!!
I have to make a good decision next time! I made a few wronged decision!
So im feeling so suffer! Siaw Wei hor....? (hehehehe..)
SO SHIT! Next time onwards i know how to b clever!
wakakaka.. =D

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Today during the drama class, Gary made us to choose some1 that we love to "menjiwakan"!
Im the only 1 who choosing grandma...

she was the one who take care me when im young!
3 years old i had moved to KL with my younger brother and her.
She took care of me.
Of course she had scolded me, punished me, hit me...
but now, flash back, i really felt sorry bcos i really hurted her.
And now i dun even call her... bcos i really will cry when i say "i miss u, wai po"
i scared and i forget about her(im sry)!

Wai po..
sorry! I really sorry!
Sorry that i didnt call u often, and now im less go back to hometown.
I really do felt sorry to u, i love u!
At home the 2 brothers are not filial to u, always scolded u for not cooking nice meals for them.
But i dun fell that, i love every meals that u cooked for me..
I miss everything that u did for me... and when we chit chat when im home.
I know u are not senang when at home, bcos u got alot of housework to do.
When i rich i really will get a kakak to serve u!
I promise u, wont let u suffer again! i will take care of u!
Nothing that i can do now, mayb get success n get rich!
The only things i can say is I MISS YOU, I LOVE YOU & I 'M SORRY!
4give everything that i did wronged before.
Stay healthy, i still wan to live with you again in future.


(my tears keep on dropping when im writting this post)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

be my friend's model for assignment

These are the photos that i think is better, some of it are too blur...

She is a new user la..

After photoshop i think can b better! All these are hvnt photoshop yet oh.


Friday, October 10, 2008

GOD, 48 hours pls..

God, pls give me 48 hours a day!
Im willing to sleep 5 hours and do my work for 43 hours!
I really need more time!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Betta Fish ='(

Turtle head (烏龜頭)

I bought this betta fish at Sunway area.
Quite cheap! It's nice~ It got white, blue, violet and abit of red...
Unfortunately it's ad dead on the chinese ghost festival.. v che hor?
I'm so shocked when i saw the Turtle head was dead inside it's container!
I buried it outside of house, but not my house..
Dar Dar buried it at our neighbour house~ *secretly*
It must be the ghost bring my turtle head go ad lor... ><" *so sad*

Pig brain (豬腦)

This is my Pig brain! haaha~~ still alive here.. i bought this at Sunway Pyramid.
It still v red.. but this few days i saw it like gonna die!
My turtle head is back to bring my pig brain go... dun wan!!!!!
Jus now i saw it lying there. I thought it was dead!
I shaked the container.. haha, my pig brain awake!
scared me! Pig brain dun go.. really dun go!
I quickly feed it with alot of it's food...
now the water of it's container ad v dirty!


This was the memories of my turtle head and my pig brain.
Actually not kissing.. it was fighting.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Yee Jin's Birthday

Happy Birthday Yee Jin^^
You r always the princess to meet a special prince.

This is a princess cake, for u~~ (Imagine it pls...)

This for u too.. (dream it..)

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Stupid photoshop

Wat the fork! i was doing photoshop about my cousin and friends' photo.
den hor the s2pid photoshop error. v diu de lor..

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Do not argue too long with the one u care much, you might regret in your whole life!

Dar Dar,
Happy belated 4 months anniversary.
I u

Since the 4th month started, we kept argue in every single day.
I remembered yesterday, i was with you in my room.
Can you remember i cried how many times?
I guessed 7 times in a night, 4 and the half hours we met yesterday.
I do not want to be like that. I do not want to argue in every single day!
I will try to manage my temper.
Sorry Dar Dar

Bi Bi

Dar Dar, u said u want to give me a present in every month of anniversary, right? Yes, u did it.
Thank you, Dar Dar.
1st month and the 2nd month Dar Dar n i cant remember about it (just called him to ask). Ii received a pair of cup that u drawn something on it on the 3rd month. This month i got a short long skirt( dunno i have to named it what, not long not short hehehe).
Dar Dar, thanks.
Hey, you will get a surprise from me also o~ (soon or later)

A song for my Dar Dar...


Sunday, September 28, 2008

New blog skin

Finally done my new blog skin.
Took me a few hours...

Saturday, September 27, 2008

thin/fat slim/obese

Getting fatter and fatter...

thin and fat which 1 hv a sense of "look good"? or should i say slim or obese?(sound nice rite???)
haiz.. not really slim is always look good, rite? (oh... fork! excuse for myself!)

Got to diet~ cut down all the nonsenses! or else.... i dun dare to imagine!

I know u dun mind.. wat if 1 day u dun wan me?
Yeah, u promised me. wat if u broke it?
U buy me an insurance la~ hehehe~~~

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pandora's Box

This Pandora's Box by lecturer CK.
It's nice~