Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Genting series!

My Yong Peng's friends came,
we went to Genting.

I hate this ghost house!
i step on a cockcroach!
so stupiak!

This guy said cant sleep,
but then he sleep on bed for 5 min,
when we all r watching tv.
He snoring until v v loud!
i recorded, but the tv sound is louder la.

The last day morning~

All of us, smile =)

My cousin

muscular man! dai zeh!

Miss u guys..
really had fun with u guys.

my dar dar bday~

Dar Dar birthday coming on the next week.
It's the same day with Wee Mei,
and jus right after the valentine.
I bankrapt" po chan" lo!

WM present gao dim!
Although my dar dar bday presents i bought,
im still thinking wat to buy for him.
bcos he gave me alot!
And i dunno how m i gonna celebrate his bday~
Wat supprise i can gv him???

gals and guys, suggestions pls...

Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Valentine day

Happy Valentine, Dar dar.

These were my presents for Valentine.
Im touching when i saw the black apple(DKNY).
I received it on friday,
but on saturday dar dar got graduation campaign,
so i waited him until 10.30pm!
Im so sad, i prefer he teman me more than he present me!
But after it im ok with it la...

I did a chocolate for my dardar.
That's my 1st time,
it fail!
but it still delicious.
I still present it to him...
hope u like it!

ThankQ dar dar.
I love you.

New bought on Sunday.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Alot of things

nice shot

During the moral class.
*no phone, no camera!
We did it!
we're teenagers! spoil the rules!

I went to Genting with my hometown
friends and my sister.
Will upload the photos lately.

Pls be aware of this car.
She is super dangerous!
Daddy, Mummy and all my family i love u.
Im so lucky that i came back from Mid Valley.

It's at Asia Avenue, Sunway Pyramid.
nice~ Korean food.

This is the recent me^^
At KL, going to "bai nian" with my dar dar.

Happy Moo Moo year

sad kid

2009 Happy New Year mia...

siao de lor..

Happy 2009

Good luck everyone^^

Monday, February 9, 2009

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Really stress and busy.
This blog has been abandon for a few weeks.
"Blog", im back to you.

I'm still keeping the photos of CNY,
will be upload by nex week.
Following days will not be free.
Saturday got to teman friend go Mid Vally,
shop, shop, shop.
Sunday going to genting,
after i come back on monday,
i got to rush my Design Method1 project,
PRESENTATION is on wednesday.

Im so E-M-O yesterday!
Something bad happened to my friend,
arguement- friend with her bf,
no movie tickets movie for me!
but i'm ok now~ ^^

And i'm just done some part of a poster,
now is 6.41am!
I must look "SOMEONE"'s good to
encourage myself to do better.
Mayb it's good for me,
i should always look at her work.
ga-yao~Lin Er =)

Good Night/ Good Morning