Saturday, June 21, 2008

my presents^^

A bouquet of flowers from my dear

This bunny bag is from all my housemates

1 pair~ special in tis world

red egg~ lolx.. 1st time saw dis kind of bday egg!

Somemore, my
Häagen-Dazs, i din take pic of it~

Monday, June 16, 2008

1st day on 18 yrs old~

Lolx.. i dunno what title is that "1st day on 18 yrs old". Hahaha.. my birthday past. Hehehehe~~ i din go out to celebrate. On thursday my housemates celebrated with me. On14th of june, he came and wants to give me a suprise, but i saw everthing u brought, and i accidently found a resit of the Häagen-Dazs. On 14th he gave me a bouquet of rose, a pair caps and McD fillet-o-fish set~ lolx.. He gave me the fillet-o-fish because i said i want a special birthday ma.. so i said i wan fillet-o-fish with 18 candles on top~ wakakaka~ he said he couldnt find the candles at 7-11. so okay lo~~ After that, my sister came, she gave me "A pass for clubbing"! woooo.. so creative meh? come TOA study la DUA JI! lolx..! Next, i accidentlt found a receipt of Häagen-Dazs. Hahaha.. i knew that at night i got suprise! hehe~~ the cake damn expensive de lor and it's small only! ice-cream cake! it's nice! dear, muaks! thanks alot for planning all this. I found out everything that u wanna suprise me! hehe~ is it im not that stupid? lolx~~ hehe~~ im happy~ bcos u teman me ma.. Your assignment~~ haiz.. dont wan talk about your assignment la~~

Before this i got robbed, so i lost my hp n all the contact number ma. i couldnt contact back my old friends. But on my birthday, many of them found my new hp number^^ hehehe~~ im so happy! hehe!! the number that im using right now is not mine! im gonna change it again! i will contact u guys~ dun worry b happy^^

I'm happy with my 18 yrs old bday~ hehe~ Some1 told me that 18 yrs old pass very fast de~~ i will appreciate what i have now! muaks~ gonna do my assignment now~~

Daniel said TOA=thousand of assignments!
yeah u r right!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

what the hell!

What the hell is that? i thought we must make the whole place clean! Damn it! what i saw jus now was all the dirty stuff!!!!!!! Hell man! Fuck! Damn geli la!!! Fucker!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Happy Bday!

Yesterday was thursday, my housemates did something secretly. Im so clever, i sure know they are planning to celebrate my birthday! I'm so suprised when i open the holly door(my room, wakakaka!), they sang the birthday song and gave me a cake and a present. The present was a bunny, bunny bag! Wow..! I love you guys! muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaks! hehe^^ It's nice and i like it very much! It's doesn't matter if it is not gold colour! GUYS, THANK YOU! You guys really gave me a suprised yesterday night. Im not expect that you guys will celebrated on thursday.

Wakakaka! The strawberry was burned! Not my fault! Hehehe.. You guys know la, Gemini will be playful 1! I walked around downstair just went back to my room.

So, guys, your plan was successed!

Today was Yong Xiang and Segamat friend- Xiao Pei's birthday~
Happy birthday day to u~ Happy birthday day to u~ Happy birthday day to u~

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

what the hell~~

I met a pervert in friendster. He said im hot n sex or cork hungry girl! He said i suck the cork more then an hour and like to fuck more then 25-30 times per day. Ahrrrrrrrrr! What kind of guy is this!! He also asked pictures of mine pussy and booobs! And he gave me his e-mail address! What the fuck! The last part there was "Is it possible to insert 300ml Pepsi bottle into ur yssuP ? If it possible...plz insert bottle and take pics and send me."
What the hell man! Fuck off!
His friendster is . His name is Ashwin! Girls, becareful!

Monday, June 9, 2008

New skin

Im using a new blog skin. It is nice~ i had uploaded my photos here~

Friday i went to Mid Vally for the Indian Shopping Festival 2008. I went with my bf(Daniel).

First, we bought a movie ticket(Porm Night, not porn night) after that we went there. There have alot of people, many Indians there. Only a few Chinese there. There got a smell, not a bad smell~ I still can used to it. I went there for my History class assignment, it stand 50% for my assignment marks! First catches my eys was the Indian tatoo, dont know what it's name. It is very nice on my left hand. It's really nice~

After that we went to Mid Valley's food court for the ikan bakar. Daniel cant eat spicy food, but i forced him to eat. heheheh^^ He so cham la.. when he with me he have to eat spicy food. He wore very smart, semi-formal, v handsome o!! wakakaka.. so many lui kap him! When he was eating the sotong, fish and la la, the image spoil his look! But nevermind for me la.. ^^ after the dinner we went for the movie. after that i went to his house and took the Fei Tian Xi Shi, he got alot Hong Kong drama de lo~

After that we went to Asian Cafe yam cha with kevin, sham, his frd and my sister. after that we went home, the end of the day.......................

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Everything started to change!!

Everything started to change! What the hell is going on right now? Today im so down, i dont know why. I want to get your concern but you are like disapper in this world! I dont know what to do! Hey, Im thinking, is it you doing assignments?, is it you are sleeping?, is it you busying something?, is it you XXX? ............................... .................................................. Whatever!!!!!
I dont want to care so much!!!! Fuk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Betta fish^^

Yesterday i bought a betta fish. When i 1st see this fish, i thought it is orange colour. Actually it is a red colour betta fish. I bought that fish for RM2.50, but the house for it cost me RM20.50. I bought it at Sunway Pyramid.
In the evening, Gen brought his frd(Helena) from cheras, we went to 1u to watch movie. Gen really really really... because when we reached there, he told me, "Later we are going to clubbing!" WTF! Hey, why did not tell us earlier? har? I want to go mah! Lolx.. Joking la. After 18 i will go automatically! Wakaka.. no worries! Daniel, Jo n i, we watched Indiana. It was a nice movie.. yesterday was Jo's birthday la. Im so embarrass, becouse he is alone. Actually im not kesian him or what la.. just dunno.. xxxxx jus feel like not good for him. He sure do not feel good at that time.