Monday, March 31, 2008

Yeah~ not tat stress now.

finally got time to write my blog.

My group member~ Yeah^^ For history 1~

They r v hardworking o..

Damn like this group ppl.

~ Sunday~

Took at home(KL)

Dress up to Sungai Wang


It's GasOnline.
My eyes lashes quite long la..
hehehe~~ i think tat was pretty.
The drink quite nice~~
Gen treated me tat meal. hehe^^
at Sungai Wang i bought alot of things.

2day-31st March

We were doin our history at student lounge~
After tat we went to pyramid to play the dancing~
wor... damn fun. i swt alot.
if dun play this dancing, i dunno how to make my swt come out.
hehe~~ me n my darling were taking the photos when
jun yie n Gen r playing.
Bcos tat place quite smelly, dunno wat smelly.
I cant tahan oso~~

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

now 6.46a.m.
i jus done my figures!
half died here.....
I wan a short break, or jus 1 day 24 hours for me to sleep.
i really cant tahan with kind of life~~~
i dunno when will i lay on the bed, not house, is in the hospital = =
My drawing figures skill had went down alot~
it's gone to be4 level~
y the lecturer gave us some many pieces to sketch???
mayb they gv us less n we can concentrate n draw nicer n better to him.
straight a way gave us 4 pieces to do.... ><
we still hv others assignments to deal with!!
Everyday deal with the assignments had made my life meaningless...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I love when all of a sudden everything feels brand new-

Sunday, March 23, 2008

I love to watch this~
i saw this when i went out with Jen for dinner~
It's at Sunway Pyramid

This edited by me~

actually it's not she love my bf la.

i jus edit for fun~

Argggg... 5.12am
i hvnt get into bed~
i wan to colour my pop up~ but but but~
but not enough time for me~
later on i need a sun~ so pls dun rain!
hope tomolo i can finish it in time.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Goin to make my msn off9~
the msn took away much time from me.
i wan appear off9 to do my assignments~
It's good to me la...
monday got alot of work to pass up~
i wan my nite to be sweet n nice~
so i hv to hardworking o^^

feel free then i took all this photo be4 i went to Mid Vally.

We went to mid vally jus for Domino~

lolx... i dunno y we went so far jus wan 2 eat Domino!!!


A story in Domino has happend~~ ... ...










*Started to drink soup*

*After having the soup*
-The End-

Is it this guy crazy + mad?!

lolx.. this guy is Martin! From Turkey~


He brought us to the Taiwan's shop to hv desert after domino.

This is the strawberry 1~

i dunno it's name bcos he oreder for us.

This 1 is almost finished~
looked like something we vomit out rite??

The strawberry tasted nice~ i like it~

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Y so many ppl sick~?????
So sad for them..
i dunno how to show my concern to them..
really dunno wat to do.....
Hope they get well soon^^

My messy room

see how messy it is~~
My god! i cant tahan ad~~
i wan a new, big room!!!!

I did my figure for at least 6 hours!

i ad put alot effort on tthis piece figure~

It was my 1st time put so much effort in.

i will make myself improve more~

This collage i jus done it~
It is a bird~
I form it with different parts of women's body parts.
Such as, lips,eye, skin, hair and leg.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Quite a few days didnt blog ad~ It's bcos of the assignments la! hg! so much! 1 week i had 3 days didnt sleep. I really look more old if i dun slp for the whole nite. i must put mask more often!! End of the term is coming~ so every subjects got final project, presentations and assignments are getting more!
Now im doin my figure~ actually figure quite fun 1~ i m enjoy to draw figure^^


Thursday, March 13, 2008


I started my BISCUIT since last nite.
Haiz... my frds dun like it~
But im ok n fine with wat she is thinking, she is caring abt me.
I should told them bcos they r my frds, i dun wan to lie on them.
I dunwan us to hv alot of secrets, tat's y i told them.
I hv to take a nap right now, later at nite i got to finish my assignments!!
I wan finish as many as i can!
No more playing a fool in this few days!


so stress.. i hate last minute works! but im lazy la!! how? wat to do?? who can save me now... all the assignments deadlines r coming soon! izzit no need slp for a few nites?!! i dun wan this kind of life! aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh........................

Can i leave this world for a few days to give out all my stress?
Go to somewhr new, everything is new, different, special
or anything!
As long as it is different from my life now!!

Quite fun la~~ Im enjoy in Figure study~ ^^

Quite fun thr^^ wakakakakakaka.... when we saw tat there, laugh till stomachache! hahahaha^^ we put alot of things there n etc ^^

hehe^^ this is Jo. He is goin to write his name on his assignments, but, im disturbing him. hehe^^ dun allow him to write.. Blek!!

Har~ this, Bryan drawing. He quite handsome de o~

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


聽lecturer講話都要睡覺了~禮拜晚上忙著趕功課,沒睡到覺還不小心割到自己.真豬.... 早上七早八早就叫津陪我去吃早餐. 吃了早餐真的特別精神!嘻嘻嘻.. 最後再班上還是聽到睡覺掉. 下午還上finished art, 做盒子做到我想睡覺,最後還是倒下去.. 我在TOA拿我的衣.L size 勒~怎麼穿哦!?

我和Martin也有生意來往哦~他是Turkey人, 哈哈哈哈... 我把我做好的assignment發給他改改然後交, 這樣我的會報就是一個巧克力.呵呵..^^ 一開始我當然不是為了巧克力才幫他的拉. 巧克力是過後的哦~

這個是我很喜歡的鉛筆包, 它有一張A4紙那麼大哦~很漂亮. 才RM22.50吧了.. 我不知道是貴還是便宜拉,我也考慮滿久才買的. 買了真高興!

這是我temporary tatoo.很美吧~~呵呵...是個cupid來的. 我很喜歡tatoo放在頸項的部分, 我個人認為很好看阿~~我的朋友也是弄這個哦! 男生的就弄十字架!

呵呵.. 這個就是整天合我混在一起的津拉,也是我的室友拉. 呵呵~~我們招數很多的哦! 哈哈...

我的手不知道是怎麼搞的,很像敏感勒..可是我都沒有甚麼敏感的阿~又有可能是水骯髒的關係吧! 我恨! 最好快點搬家阿~

這張是要送給我的津的! MMMMMMuaks!

Sunday, March 9, 2008


Tons of assignments to do now!! gotta start now!! AAhhhh.. headache la! haiz... eat medicine 1st~ i gonna fight for myself lu~~ Gambateh^^

New handphone!

Yeah^^ my mum bought me a new hp. It's a K810i~ hehe^^ lolx... im not expect her to buy me a new 1~ hehe^^ Fine la.. hehe~ so happy~
But im kinda worry, bcos it is a new 1~ i scare lost or drop on d floor...................

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Finally reach home lo~

Finally im home..

This afternoon after the pengajian class, i rush back to my KL house to keep things. 1st i coundnt find my cheque n my money~ I kept finding, at last i coudnt find it. I kept thinking whr i put my cheque n my money~ 2day no.2 v good o~ he came n fetch me to kl sentral. he treat me so good ^^ but bbut but... aiya~

Finally i still found my cheque n my money^^

Friday, March 7, 2008

Goin back to my hometown

Yeah~ later goin back to YP. Miss home neh^^ Finally can back le la~ Every1 r missing us!
Hope tat later got bus back, dun make every1 disappointed!

Thursday, March 6, 2008


No more problem for my internet. I dun need go to starbucks to on9 now.. wasted alot money there. haiz >_<


Oh Shit!! Starbucks again~ im not rich la. Jus wan to on9 here n im sharing the drinks with my dereast darling~ im not tat rich to buy the drinks too often.
i wan to lend a pop up book from seniour so i hv to on9 to see him, but we only contact through the FS. It's hard for us to contact, it's too slow~ Hell! i think i hv to think myself n do myself.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Red Box now....

Me at red box singing now~ cool~ long time didnt sing k ad. lolx.. so syok!
i wan sing till no voice^^
It's so happY. yooo.. yeah!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Since like every1 4got abt me.

(sad blue)
A few days didnt on9 jek.. y seem like everyone had 4got abt me???? M i not tat important or wat??? I had took the 1st step to talked ad.... ...... mayb they r busying with their assignments. it's ok.... 4get abt it. i still hv other frds who r supporting me! i oso hv a darling here^^ hehe^^

Starbucks again...

once again im at starbucks. 2molo still hv assignments to pass up..
but now im here to on9, listen songs n watch movie. im seem like not worried abt my assignments, actually im not. im worrying~ jus kinda boring.. feel like wan to find some1 to chat with~~ i miss shin ee n my lao poS. dunno how r they? izzit everything goin on v well? i miss my family members oso. alone studying here it's seem like living alone. i think i should always call back home to talk to my grandmaS. hehe^^ my mum treat me so good~~ worried abt the money, scared tat i dun hv money to spend. mum, i love u. my dad oso, almost everyday he calls me. muaks dad~ hehe^^ it's so sweet to receive ur calls... heeeehehe...
I love u all ya^^ mmmmuuuuuuuks!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

bored n busy

So sienz~~ shit that housemate didnt pay the internet bill! make us cant on9 for a few days~ not im on9 at Gloria Jean's Coffees. Actually i hv to do research in my final project for finished art and the design workshop. but im dun hv the mood to do it... jus wait for some1 on9~~ hehe^^

Assignments us getting more n more! espwcially the finished art! got alot of things to do! arhg.... how m i goin to survive?! i duno who can help me now.... god? i dun think so. i think only me myself can help on my assignments. i hope tat i can finish my assignments v fast n perfect(v nice). hehe^^

last few days i saw Daniel le.. hehe~~~ y so hard to meet him or see him on9 de ler?? haiz...
nvm la.. i jus wan hv a meet with him, jus wan to b frd only la. no other things.