Friday, May 30, 2008

Think to change.

Don't know what is going on......... Yesterday i cleaned up my room, i swept the floor for two times, thrown rubbish and changed my mattress. Don't know what happend to me myself. Suddenly 360 degree changed. Today, i feel like i don't experirnced on my work/ assignments that i had did. I want to make myself serious on my assignments so that i can learn more and make my assignments tidy n nice.
Beside that, i don't want make myself used to see him everyday. I don't want to have that habit!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Everything is equal

Last week my friend n i kena robbed. It's too bad for me! i really dunno wat to do. Luckily i have friends, they really concerned about me. I felt v sweet^^ The boys will take more care on our gals. Gentlmen rite? lolx.. they really helpfull^^ But then, i felt sick! now still sick-ing. Cough + flu rite now.. It is really not comfortable!

Some bad lucks had came, of course good thing will come oso. Im in a relationship with my senior. He is a quite gud guy, tall lo.. of course he take care of me too. he treat me gud! Im glad that i can met him last semester.^^ He had taught me how to improve in my figure drawing. Beside that, my relationship with frds, such as yee jin, jun yie and stef, our frdship getting better n better. Jun yie took gud care of me bcos im sick. She made the honey water for me, but at the end she made her hand hurt by the hot water><
Jun Yie... ~~ ><>

Friday, May 16, 2008

during the class

During the class of drawing~

The lecturer hvnt come yet.
He tot our class starts at 2.30, so he came at 2.20!
We stay in the class by not doin anything!
jus took alot photos and chit chat with my lao po, lao gong and darling^^
wakakaka.. seem like im the king n queen hor! hahahaha^^

im eating the lolipop, my lao gong drinking milo.
my darling said im smoking and my lao gong was drinking alcohol.

Har!!! im angry le o!
lolx.. actually not!
Im look fierce when i dun smile..
dun worry.. im a easy-goin person^^

See.. sui gong! "HE" dun wan take photo with me!

Lao gong took for me de. beside me is my lao po^^
She is listening to lecturer, but im not. pretending only~~

I love to take photos...
take 1

take 2

take 3
kacao la lao po

bradon pang sai-ing!

darling took this de~~

Im taking photo of myself, but then Jo came n qiang jin tou with me..
nvm.. see right side there? my darling came oso...

Hahahaha.. my darling^^

Take 1 at outside the AVH hall
We went thr to see leng zai..
but no ppl thr... ><

Take 2

take 3
with brandon

yeah^^ hey guys, do u see me thr?

hihi^^ im thr ler...

yo~~ again^^

blek =p

muaks muaks muaks
>>>> my lao gong

yo~ m i pretty?

BFF ^^

Fuiyoh!!! damn damn damn big de lo!

leng lui mou? my lao po ler.

Take 1 in history class