Wednesday, August 27, 2008

3 months anniversary

im din upload my blog. My audience, be patient ya. Im here..
I got alot of things can write, but i jus hv a short time to type.
Now me Lin Er changed my english name. Be4 my name is Haley, Julian(my ex-classmate/ collegemate) choosen for me. Thank you. Now i named myself Chenelle. It is becos my dar dar la. His name is Daniel( in chinese is 大鳥), so we always called his BIRD 小鳥. 小鳥小鳥小鳥 Chenelle Chenelle Chenelle. Chenelle in chinese is 小鳥lo. The progress lazy to tell la... v v v long, longer than the 萬里長城. hahahaha~
So, my name is Chenelle/ Lin Er. Lin Er is a nice name. =P

This few weeks less on9 bcos im working at sunway pyramid. Work at asia avenue the I.Candy. Come visit me la.. Im v bored there. Less customer oso.. u come try all the dresses or clothes. So that i got work to do. I.Candy's clothes or dresses all r v expensive, but the quality and the materials is gud~ jus the finishing and the cutting not very gud. A customer told me jus now. hehehe^^

Last last week, i made out my final for design. I like design lecturer, dunno y.
The cultural box is made my ejin, stephanie, jun yie and me. 4 BFF. ^^


She leave me for a few months~~ ><

38 mia girls~

My design~

Both r my letterform final.

Daniel & Chenelle
3 months anniversary

So fast 3 months ad. Dar dar, thank you for being so understand. muuuuuaks!

C! wat silly things u did!

Dar dar, i know u did all these silly things jus to make me happy.

Thank you. On the anniversary day we had a small fight, i reali v scare, sad, heart pain, cant slp, worry, no mood, .,.,.,.,.,............

But now we r okay ad. Muaks!

Monday, August 11, 2008



Sometimes in life, you find a special friend;

Someone who changes your life just by being part of it.

Someone who makes you laugh until you can't stop;

Someone who makes you believe that there really is good in the world.

Someone who convinces you that there really is an unlocked door just waiting for you to open it.


Yee Jin, u wan me cry in front of u?

Juz dunno how to show out.

I got tot of while ...

-u r not sleep beside me

-u r not laugh with me

-u r not gossip with me

-u r not walk to college with me

-u r not eat meals with me

-u r not kap zai with me

-u r not draw with me

-u r not discuss with me

-u r not zha neh neh with me

-u r not sing with me

-n bla bla bla...


I duno who will replace u, who will sleep with me, eat with me n bla bla bla like last time.

I will remember the journey that we past together...

Last sem we din sleep for a nite n went out for breakfast in the early early morning!

In these 8 months... u had be part of Lin Er.


my best friend

when i talk to u.. u jus avoid it.
is it u belongs to hers?
our relationship cannot work well..
i can feel it.
it jus a surface gud~


Sunday, August 10, 2008

m i invisible

Jibai! m i invisible?
happened twice! fukers!
i wont talk unless necessary!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

childish fuker

wat the fuk! kanineh! ji bai!
Diu! y being so childish! fuker!
damn hatez!!!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

the past...

The past.... ....

My boy and my best friend!

Wat can i do?????????

1st time wear it.
a bday gift from shin ee, fang ching and shireen.
thank you muaks!

In class...

so boring...
She is yee jin. we took pictures with the
soya bean!

Today, in my room.

My dar dar cosplay cap

Be4 club.
Actually we decided to Masion.
But 1 of my frd couldnt go in..
but it's ok... come out muz hv fun.
At last we went to Ruums. TA DA....
happy too.

1st time to Ruums

Mandy's party

In the apartment
11st July 08

july 12nd, after my sis bday party.


red beans ice cream

Last nite i slept be4 1am. I made an alarm at 7.30am, i couldnt wake up.
I woke up at 8am, i went down to find Gen to get my photoshop assignments.
He stared at me for quite a seconds, i guess he sure din do for me de.
I got to blame myself, y should i ask him to do ler..
I got to do myself! My work, my business!

=D Luckily i saw AK on9. I straight a way ask him for the assignment file...
Hehehe.. i jus changed something from the file.. hehe
Every1 is got his file to changed things inside^^
AK felt pround! haiz... Zi lian!
He went to college to kap lui liao...
Boys r like tat... love leng lui.
Girls r like tat... love leng zai.

Im eating red beans icer-cream. hehehe^^
Early in the morning im eating an unhealthy food!
Im too hungry... i couldnt find anything for my breakfast.
Im lazy to cook maggie mee.. bcos lately we r goin out for lunch!
yummy... ice cream is nice!

I search this ice cream.
Im lazy to upload photo so jus search on net.
My dar dar bought 2 boxes of this ice cream for me...

Beans...... im eating ur friend~!