Friday, November 28, 2008

Isn't that i do not want to stay at home.
When im home, i wanna talk something and say something,
is there anyone who listen to me?
I tried my best to repeated it in a few times.
When im home, what can i do?
Watch movie/tv?
Grandpa wants to watch.
Brother using.
When there is no one using the tv and computer,
I can online, i can watch the movie that i like.
But i feel bored!
I dun feel like staying just to watch movie and online.
I want to go out!
But where else i can go?
No friends there!
I prefer KL!
My college friends are here, my primary friends here too..
and my BF is here.
He willing to listen to me,
I can go out.
I prefer KL life..
Mummy and daddy is not staying with us...
They come when they are free.
Im used to it ad.
When im young, i live with my grandma at KL,
i see my parent twice or once in a year.
After that i went to Melaka to study, and now im at KL.
I know they are sayang me.
but i think they used the wrong way to sayang.
I feel bad!
Bcos i did not stay longer in YP.
I dunno wat can i say anymore.
No one right and no one wrong!

Anyway, Im back to KL.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Yong Peng

Yesterday came back to my hometown.
2 months plus din back here ad.
Here is nothing much changed, human, building, motor.....
It's so different from the KL.
Just now i went out with my brother, we went "long gai"
by motor. It's hot, but still feeling good to move around to see.
I saw many Malays around the kampung, i feel scared!
Mayb becos of KL.

Finally i visited my 2 grandma. They ad old, sick, here pain there pain.
They make me feel like wanna take k of them,
and wan them to live in peaceful life.
Talk easy, do hard.

Time to eat, my grandma calling lu...
so "ham fok"! grandma cook ler... long time din eat.

Eat 1st***

Monday, November 24, 2008

my Monday day

Im working on an event job.
Only on November weekends.
This is a magic show at Sunway Pyramid.

This is the lunch for myself.
My maggie mee finished ad so i left this and biscuit.

Guess guess guess
I oso dunno wat.
my housemate leave it there..
Oh fukk... so geli!
Better clean it!

And im waiting some1 send me something.

Our future baby, Chien Yien

See! our baby is the cutest!


Today is monday.
I'm wondering that some1 will send me the receipt or not..
It is the first time i met a human like that!
Not only me cant tahan him.
Everyone knows how's he behaviour.
Some1 told me,"u same group with him ar? he is like that de. 2nite u no need wait for him."
Oh god! This semester i grouped with him in alot projects.
I knew too... luckily this is a short semester.
And tis sem is my 1st sem group up with him.
Hey, pls take ur responsible in everything la.
It will help in ur future.
A lot of chances are given.
Appreciate it!

We are invisible

Oh fine! we are invisible!
and you and you are no xxxxx mia!
/I dunno
you are giving a advise or just make us scare of it.
you, you r same with us.
/ So dun think u r same with
them! and you lagi, who are you! so hiao!

Friday, November 21, 2008

My future

I getting boring and visited Ejin's blog.
I read and saw her future babies with different partners.
I tried out a few oso...

Y our baby so thin geh?

Ejin, can u see our future baby?
so rude!

OMG! Wee Mei dun teach our baby drink and smoke la..

Jo, i know we dun hv future.
We can only be friend!

Stephanie! u see!

Enjoy and hv a try^^

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy birthday, stephanie

Happy birthday Stephanie <3
november 7, 08
Well, i know u r not happy on ur birthday.
U cried...
Sorry, that day im not beside u to accompany u.
Who asked u to go home ar!
not my fault!

Anyways happy on the other 355 days^^

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Love at 1st sight

Title: Love at first sight

This is the movie clip that i did.
Comment it ^^

Tired day~

It's so B-U-S-Y + T-I-R-E-D days...
Last thursday until this now, today, 11/11/08, 2am.
Thursday went club, MOS,
Friday went Lagoon,
Saturday till Monday got to work..
and now i just helped Stephanie(group leader)
type out some content, divider, main page... ....
I hvnt done yet...
I know KK v good 1~
I dun hv enough sleep, wednesday i can sleep till die.
no need bother about assignment, work and my bf.
cos my bf hv to deal with his assignment!
I got alot to post~ but after all the shit things 1st la..
Good nite
(still thinking finish the perspective now or tomolo?)

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Silk screen really not bad to experience it.
Siaw Wei and i really did tried, we are lucky,
we tried once den success with the 3 silkscreens.
But we wasted money by dunno wat to use to print it out.
At 1st we thought that fabric dye can easily absolve by the paper,
but it is not that easy. Den we tried poster color! Diu! wasted the
poster colors oso.. not success. At last we decided to use fabric dye
and the cloth. So we still have purple and black color poster color.
Anyone who need poster colors can buy from us. if possible then contact siaw wei.
We finished it at 8 something pm, really tired. But siaw wei n i dun satisfied
with it. bcos the colors was wrong mix. Disappointed!
10.30am went college den 8.15pm only left the college!
Recently i always use the computer to do my assignments.
Movie clip...
Interface Design...
Yesterday i was doin the perspective...
I did feel like wana use the ctrl+z
when i drawn wrong!

Last week....
23rd of Octorber 2008

Micco sang
still got Tobby sang
double B
double C
double L
nice to meet u double B^^
I done my movie clip for Visual Comm..
Im happy, bcos..
it's cute
got micco sang's voice
i did put alot efforts in it
still remember that i replaced the wronged
to the original file...
I cried!
sambil crying and sambil doing again... (pity sia)
now i do feel proud for my movie clip.
cant wait to present it.
Lastly.. ...

Somemore to talk!
Can a tutor pato with a student ler?
That day i heard a tutor said cannot PATO
with college tutor and lecturer right?
What is the punishment???
What if be4 he/she be a tutor or lecturer,
he/she ad had a BF/GF who still a student?