Tuesday, February 26, 2008

the feeling so weird~

1st day when we met was the 1st day i met with JY. He came with u.... 1st view i tot u r handsome. but, for the following days u r not handsome(it's a feeling la... n u r sticky!) it's really hate lo.. u oso got keep sms me and msn me^^ i felt tat u r v FAN ><"" after tat i heard JY said tat u were stop wooing me. hmmm... tat time i was felt like " hooray! better dun woo me anymore!"

2 days ago we all met n hv dinner at Kim Gary, i felt tat u r really really handsome. u r charming! expecially ur eyes! damn nice n pretty! hahaha...so, i tried to get closer to u~ i felt tat it's kinda hard le~~ dunno y. mayb it was u stop it~
Dunno who decided to watch movie, n u took ur jacket for me.^^ i felt v SWEET! ^^ hehe^^ sometime u r dancing shuffle, i dunno u r showing off or jus suddenly feel like wann to dance lo... = =" but still not hating u la~ ^^

Afetr tat day i felt like quite miss u de lo.. but my frd is kinda dun like u wow.. and JY ur frd like jealous! arrrr.... wat the hell is goin on man! aiya><>

Sunday, February 24, 2008

wai po~~

Wai po~~~ i used to call u like this....

at KL here i can call u~ i really miss u~ i really do!

miss wat u cook for me, miss when u care for me..

u dun always eat all the ge ye vegetables ok?>??? i realised tat it's not healthy!

pls take k yrself, dun bother abt bros, they v ma fan de!!!

take k n relax urslef ya~~

miss u n love u

Saturday, February 23, 2008

hmmm.... im used to kap zai liao la.. so sien de! i wan to make a swear!
I swear i dun wan kap zai anymore le la~ zai handsome so wat? hahahaha... i must get rid of this habit! arrrrrr...... pls la! better get rid it as fast as possible.

Somemore, this few days i was eating, sit, slp, eat, sit ,sleep....
I had continued all this for a few days ad la... i think i grown fat! i think for a few KGs
Shit la! hate la.. i dun wan b a fat fat gal la..
i wan some changes!!!!
ok, make something clear here!!!!! RIGHT NOW!!!

I, only eat breakfast, lunch n dinner. tat's all!
breakfast i can eat a bread or a roti telur/canai.
for lunch i can hv a normal meal.
hehe^^ dinner time only can drink a MILO~~~
yeah^^ a keep fit plane starts tomolo~~~ GO GO GO!
Gambateh~ u can do it de lin er!! hehe, huhu^^

Assignments r alot~~ do it slowly, with my heart~ i can do better than others!
Yo man!~

nite lo~

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I quite emo this few days~ arh!! dunno y~~~~ sometime i was feel like dun wan to talk or smile! whr is my smiling face n 38 action???????? pls come back! i wan to b a sunny, talkative, sporty, active n bla bla bla gal la!! ><

Im doin my assignments now. haiz... The One's assignments will never stop de!!
But luckily im not fed up when doin~ hehehe^^

so happy 2day~

i met my primary classmates! wow.... i went back to my Choong Wen n went back to Happy Garden^^ miss thr alot. nth much changed thr~
my primary skul changed alot, every classes got air con 1~ damn nice to the students~
all the kid can study in a cold situation^^ so syok~

Actually my frds all not changed more, they all jus grow more mature n nicer~~~

Aiya~i saw she wearing his jacket!! agrrrrr~~ y like this wow....
haiz >< another got gf~ iks~
i see leng zai can le la...

Better do my assignments la.... think of them wat for? hehe^^

Monday, February 18, 2008

lin er hamsup. she likes to smell my smelly blanket ! hahaha
she likes to paint her nails at the middle of the night
and eat mamak -.- lol.

lin er loves to kap jai as much as me.
which is a extremely good thing to know ! haha

lin er invented a new food, kuay teow pataya , wooot !
lin er knows how to comment on my dressing

conclusion, she's my darling ; p !

-ejin, guest blogger for the day-

Sunday, February 17, 2008

My friends r here^^ Hooray ^^

This is Pui Lu~

this is max. he is playing game~~~

Wearing like an aunty!! ><

how is it????? yo yo yo^^

I was forcing her to take photo


Oh yeah^^ afternoon i met Celvin, Ting Jun, Ah Hau, Che Wen n Max. hmmm... long time didnt see them ad. damn miss them! hehe~~~~ they still like be4, never change! love to suan xiao ppl~ alomost same like be4, we guys hang out together^^ Celvin, Ting Jun n Ah Hau ad went back, sunday morning Che Wen n Max is goin back oso. Hope nex time u guys come again o~~~

At nite Jun Yie, Pui Lu, my sis, her bf n i, we went to pyramid to played the "EZ4DANCE".
It v fun~ im addict to it. we always go thr to train at nite~ at nite not so many ppl ma~ so we can train ourselves!
2molo gonna rush for assignments ad! monday got alot to pass up!
Damn it~ alot assignments n re-do works! when can i finish it?????????
haiz......... GAMBATEH!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Not enough sleep..

Not enough sleep aaaaaaaaa........ during the history of art i was not listening to lecturer, i was doin my finished art , listening to songs n reading magazine. After tat we guys went to red box. we sang for around 5 hours. hmmmm.. luckily my voice still ok now.
Jus now HE saw me, but i didnt saw him.
my friends said he stood up n then muka busuk busuk n den
went away. izzit he angry or .....(i oso dunno wat)
My best frd~ Lao po...
actually im not blaming u for ngam ngam ngam la..
dun take it serious ok??????? pls la.... ok??????


hmm... jus now went out 2 yam cha, met a handsome.
he is cute but short abit ><>
but he look like HUA HUA GONG ZI like tat,
keep thinking of pretty gals~~~
arh! sad la... hehe^^ but quite happy to met him^^
hope tat got "next time"

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine~ *SHARING*>我只喜欢你,不去爱你



izzit too hurt??? mayb it's good for both of us~
i got to make everything clear. so tat u wont fall deeper ><
we only can b frd!
Sorry if i too straight!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Moodyyyyyyy ><

Im so so so moody today><
單身會比較幸福吧~ 我好像對那些喜歡我的人不公平吧?
只是你對我大聲了一點, 我不是很喜歡拉.

Review done! n i met 2 new frds~

It should thanks Jen to helped me finished my review.
sommore i should thx yee jin, bcos she sent me her review!
Walao.. really should thanks them.
muaks muaks muaks!
can go sleep le lu^^
I met 2 new frds. 1 is joo yong and another is yong seng.
they quite friendly n talkative 1!
quite nice~ we went to watched a movie too.
jus hv a nice day with them^^

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Damn alot of assignments!!!

lolx~ alot assignments hv to pass up by this week!
1 day should finish 1 assignment!
if not i couldnt handle it ar !!!
Luckily got Jen helped me do the review. wakakakaka....
i jus need to teman him watch movie can liao.
so easy^^

Saturday, February 9, 2008

初二- 8th feb 08(nite version)^^

i like the lamp up thr

fireworks! i saw when i was gai gai-ing with my cousins

cool! the fireworks r v nice~

this oso!!! love it!

the star~ ^^

Yeah^^ high speed now^^

the street so nice

my cousin-li wei was riding

my lao po zai n her handsome bro jus in front of us

yoyoyo^^ yeah! she dun wan to take photo 1
v hao lian de !

the street with no ppl n no cars

i took alot. for nth la.. love to take photo only

this 2 r my cousins

^^V yeah~**


gai gai-ing~

gai gai-ing

my 2 cousins

the wind v strong. strong til i cant open my eyes

Friday, February 8, 2008

初二- 8th feb 08

she was talkin 2her dear dear

nah~ i took for her 1` nice ma???

Yien er & Lin er(1)

We got self confidence~

Yien er & Lin er(2)
We got self confidence~

Yien er & Lin er(3)
We got self confidence~

Yien er & Lin er(4)
We got self confidence~

HAR!!! Gambling!!!

**ta da**

~ F4~ wakakaka!! posing! yeah^^V

like im forcing her to take photo. she is lee gyan^^


this is boon yee, she ad 20yrs old^^

We took at lee gyan's bf house^^

Gambling~~~ & my sis eating honey dew(tam jiak)

Thursday, February 7, 2008

大年初一7th feb 08

Early in d morning wan go BAI NIAN liao lo^^ this is my WAI PO~
she is my lovely grandma. miss her alot.
since i started 2 study at kl, i miss her alot, i miss the food she cook oso.
SHe so care abt me... WAI PO i miss u o. mumumuaks!

Yoyoyo.. u always look young la wAI PO^^ love u o~

My 2 cousins^^ they r v v CUTE & v handsome o.

*dun wan take photo with me, bcos they r busying with their cartoons*

Izzit nice??? it's on d way goin to my NAI NAI's house to take ANG PAO~

All of us look nice, pretty n handsome rite? my family o^^

We wanna hv our lunch now^^ this is my dad n my sis

Lolx... jus after lunch, we took this jus inside the restaurant.

the Restaurant is belongs 2 my aunty.

Lolx... me look so fat. haiz><

gonna keep fit liao la.

I was gambling thr^^

Yo~ lao po zai^^ u look pretty o.