Thursday, February 7, 2008

大年初一7th feb 08

Early in d morning wan go BAI NIAN liao lo^^ this is my WAI PO~
she is my lovely grandma. miss her alot.
since i started 2 study at kl, i miss her alot, i miss the food she cook oso.
SHe so care abt me... WAI PO i miss u o. mumumuaks!

Yoyoyo.. u always look young la wAI PO^^ love u o~

My 2 cousins^^ they r v v CUTE & v handsome o.

*dun wan take photo with me, bcos they r busying with their cartoons*

Izzit nice??? it's on d way goin to my NAI NAI's house to take ANG PAO~

All of us look nice, pretty n handsome rite? my family o^^

We wanna hv our lunch now^^ this is my dad n my sis

Lolx... jus after lunch, we took this jus inside the restaurant.

the Restaurant is belongs 2 my aunty.

Lolx... me look so fat. haiz><

gonna keep fit liao la.

I was gambling thr^^

Yo~ lao po zai^^ u look pretty o.

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