Sunday, February 17, 2008

My friends r here^^ Hooray ^^

This is Pui Lu~

this is max. he is playing game~~~

Wearing like an aunty!! ><

how is it????? yo yo yo^^

I was forcing her to take photo


Oh yeah^^ afternoon i met Celvin, Ting Jun, Ah Hau, Che Wen n Max. hmmm... long time didnt see them ad. damn miss them! hehe~~~~ they still like be4, never change! love to suan xiao ppl~ alomost same like be4, we guys hang out together^^ Celvin, Ting Jun n Ah Hau ad went back, sunday morning Che Wen n Max is goin back oso. Hope nex time u guys come again o~~~

At nite Jun Yie, Pui Lu, my sis, her bf n i, we went to pyramid to played the "EZ4DANCE".
It v fun~ im addict to it. we always go thr to train at nite~ at nite not so many ppl ma~ so we can train ourselves!
2molo gonna rush for assignments ad! monday got alot to pass up!
Damn it~ alot assignments n re-do works! when can i finish it?????????
haiz......... GAMBATEH!

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