Saturday, February 9, 2008

初二- 8th feb 08(nite version)^^

i like the lamp up thr

fireworks! i saw when i was gai gai-ing with my cousins

cool! the fireworks r v nice~

this oso!!! love it!

the star~ ^^

Yeah^^ high speed now^^

the street so nice

my cousin-li wei was riding

my lao po zai n her handsome bro jus in front of us

yoyoyo^^ yeah! she dun wan to take photo 1
v hao lian de !

the street with no ppl n no cars

i took alot. for nth la.. love to take photo only

this 2 r my cousins

^^V yeah~**


gai gai-ing~

gai gai-ing

my 2 cousins

the wind v strong. strong til i cant open my eyes

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Faan said...

Cool man!!! u guys r crazy^^

-Faan Boss