Saturday, February 23, 2008

hmmm.... im used to kap zai liao la.. so sien de! i wan to make a swear!
I swear i dun wan kap zai anymore le la~ zai handsome so wat? hahahaha... i must get rid of this habit! arrrrrr...... pls la! better get rid it as fast as possible.

Somemore, this few days i was eating, sit, slp, eat, sit ,sleep....
I had continued all this for a few days ad la... i think i grown fat! i think for a few KGs
Shit la! hate la.. i dun wan b a fat fat gal la..
i wan some changes!!!!
ok, make something clear here!!!!! RIGHT NOW!!!

I, only eat breakfast, lunch n dinner. tat's all!
breakfast i can eat a bread or a roti telur/canai.
for lunch i can hv a normal meal.
hehe^^ dinner time only can drink a MILO~~~
yeah^^ a keep fit plane starts tomolo~~~ GO GO GO!
Gambateh~ u can do it de lin er!! hehe, huhu^^

Assignments r alot~~ do it slowly, with my heart~ i can do better than others!
Yo man!~

nite lo~

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