Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bar Celona vs MU

Bar celona won.
I do not have anything to say.
Bar celona really played quite well!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Latest mood board

Mood board & flow chart

Mood board

Flow chart

Jo & Yen Nee,

Do i need to post the collage here?

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy One Year Anniversary to Dar Dar & Bi Bi

Happy One Year Anniversary Dar Dar

A lot of things that had go on this one year,
we had been to so much of things.
Now, we are in a 2nd phrase of relationship.
Hope we can tolerate each other for the rest of life.

Just before the anniversary day,
i really "bo song" you lor!
Who do you care more?
Your sleep or me ler?
*but now we are okay ler,
so dun talk about it anymore.
You promise that you wont do again,
i trust you.*

We had our dinner at 1U, Garden.
The food there not cheap also.
Environment there just like Full House.
There got selling things like stuff in the garden,
i guessing, is it the table at Garden also selling?
Because the tables and chairs at Full House are selling.
* A few photos will be upload by the next post.

This is the present that Dar Dar gave it to me 1 day earlier.
Not a pure diamond la..
but it still quite EXPENSIVE.
Don't judge a book by it's cover.
At first, i looked at this ear rings,
image of mine was "errrrr..."
after i tried it,
looked at the mirror,
WOW, so nice.
So lady!
I love it.
Thanks Dar Dar. <3

This is a photo album by me to Dar Dar.
Front cover have a origami flying love,
dried roses and a photo of us.


When you flip up.

I will buy a tie for you.
1st, to tide you up.
2nd, anniversary present
3rd, you gonna get a new job.
So, you do need a tie. ^^


This is the earlier birthday present by Dar Dar.
We went yam cha with his friend, C Hong.
He is selling 2nd hand phone.
And the phone is quite new, RM300.
And i like this kind of phone.
Dar dar, talk to him and take for me to try a few days.
Wow, the earlier present ^^

My Zoro

Not so clear.
But i like it.
Visual fundamental 2 assignment.
Just did 1 figure only.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Photos from Ole-ole Bali and Melaka trip

Ole-ole Bali

Photos are uploaded.
Part of my memories~ ^^

Quite nice!

This is a fish pasta~

Our food

Thanks Dar dar <3>
Our day to Melaka.
Dar dar drive to the Melaka.
Just us~

I brought Niu Nai Tang also.

At Melaka, i bought alot of things.
Really bankrupt!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

My day on 20.5.09

I worn a dress to college,
i do not want it to be very LONG ZHONG,
so i did not make up so GAO,
like normal no make up like that.
*I got a few good feed back ^^

Dinner time, my dar dar suggested to go Ole Ole Bali,
I think the food not that expensive as what i imagine.
I took a few photos at there, will be upload by the next post.
Photos are with my dar dar.
Sweet sweet time there..

Bought a new note book at Popular ^^

Angel and demon!
Im with Pei Siu, Siaw Wei, Stephanie, Brandon and my dar dar.
Nice movie~
The nice part is the explosion of the helicopter,
the sky colors, the explosion.
It is worth to watch it.

Yam cha time~
With Gyan and my sis.
Can say him is a begger.
He came to us and ask for donation.
He just cacat for a hand and leg,
and dunno is it he pretended!
We said we do not want to donate,
he replied us " hati tak baik"
Is it we wrong?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Project how to..

Idea 1: How to decorate your nails.

Who? Girls
When? Whenever you are free

Task 1: Preparing the nail colors and stuffs.
Task 2: Color it.
Task 3: Make pattern.
Task 4: Top coat.
Task 5: Done!

Idea 2: How to redesign the cloth and wear it in different ways.

Who? Girls
When? Dressing up to go out

Task 1: Prepare a unwanted cloth.
Task 2: Get some ribbon or buttons.
Task 3: Paste on the cloth.
Task 4: Done!

Task 5: You can wear it this way.
Task 6: You can wear it that way.

Idea 3: Idea 1 + idea 2

Who? Girls
When? When dressing up

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

new learn Action Script3.0 apply to what i want to say

i find you;
i want to see you;
if i call you;
i want to talk to you;

if i find you out to yam cha;
i want to see you and wanna talk to you;
i can find another people;}

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Yi Lun Happey belated birthday

Happy belated birthday Yi Lun (on 12.05.09)

Sorry for not wishing u on that day.
i wanted to do it, but i forgotten on 12am and i slept.

***Wish u***
Happy always
Have a better future

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Started college

Started college by today,
seem still not in a study mood.

Today got 4 hours class,
so hungry and sleepy...

Besides that, tuesday till saturday classes
are started by 9am and 9.30am!
Time table not well planned la...

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Chealsea VS Barcelona

Super unfair!
The ref surely blind!
How can a blind ref be a ref?!

The next ref kena kill case is him!

Everyone saw BARCELONA 2 hand ball,
and another shouldn't red card!