Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy One Year Anniversary to Dar Dar & Bi Bi

Happy One Year Anniversary Dar Dar

A lot of things that had go on this one year,
we had been to so much of things.
Now, we are in a 2nd phrase of relationship.
Hope we can tolerate each other for the rest of life.

Just before the anniversary day,
i really "bo song" you lor!
Who do you care more?
Your sleep or me ler?
*but now we are okay ler,
so dun talk about it anymore.
You promise that you wont do again,
i trust you.*

We had our dinner at 1U, Garden.
The food there not cheap also.
Environment there just like Full House.
There got selling things like stuff in the garden,
i guessing, is it the table at Garden also selling?
Because the tables and chairs at Full House are selling.
* A few photos will be upload by the next post.

This is the present that Dar Dar gave it to me 1 day earlier.
Not a pure diamond la..
but it still quite EXPENSIVE.
Don't judge a book by it's cover.
At first, i looked at this ear rings,
image of mine was "errrrr..."
after i tried it,
looked at the mirror,
WOW, so nice.
So lady!
I love it.
Thanks Dar Dar. <3

This is a photo album by me to Dar Dar.
Front cover have a origami flying love,
dried roses and a photo of us.


When you flip up.

I will buy a tie for you.
1st, to tide you up.
2nd, anniversary present
3rd, you gonna get a new job.
So, you do need a tie. ^^


This is the earlier birthday present by Dar Dar.
We went yam cha with his friend, C Hong.
He is selling 2nd hand phone.
And the phone is quite new, RM300.
And i like this kind of phone.
Dar dar, talk to him and take for me to try a few days.
Wow, the earlier present ^^

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