Thursday, May 21, 2009

My day on 20.5.09

I worn a dress to college,
i do not want it to be very LONG ZHONG,
so i did not make up so GAO,
like normal no make up like that.
*I got a few good feed back ^^

Dinner time, my dar dar suggested to go Ole Ole Bali,
I think the food not that expensive as what i imagine.
I took a few photos at there, will be upload by the next post.
Photos are with my dar dar.
Sweet sweet time there..

Bought a new note book at Popular ^^

Angel and demon!
Im with Pei Siu, Siaw Wei, Stephanie, Brandon and my dar dar.
Nice movie~
The nice part is the explosion of the helicopter,
the sky colors, the explosion.
It is worth to watch it.

Yam cha time~
With Gyan and my sis.
Can say him is a begger.
He came to us and ask for donation.
He just cacat for a hand and leg,
and dunno is it he pretended!
We said we do not want to donate,
he replied us " hati tak baik"
Is it we wrong?

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