Monday, January 19, 2009

Class Design method 1

During the Design method 1 class
While waiting for critique
we started to play with the mac in class
All, 30 photos are here

Here we go

At 1st...

All coming, gather together liao..

Kepo de all came..
I always the one who v v v v v KEPO de.

Big bobo?
Must thanks to Siaw Wei

nice pattern, might use in design method thumbs

Siaw Wei come nearer ler...

She is at the centre!

I think this is fish eye..
we should go nearer.


Wee Mei cacat liao...
the next...

the lala zai

Kim... dun join them la.

not much changes

Im pregnant. whose the father????


Big enough to give 100 babies new birth

im fatter!

big bird bird

pointing at my backside?

cacat hands

lala zai really cacat 1!

lala zau actually v handsome de
so sad tat he become like tat..

Back to normal


too free in the class ad.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Long time did not upload my blog ad.
hmm.. i not gonna blog back the New Year post,
bcos there might be someone were forcing to go.
Going on in my new year life for this 10 days i will not blog too.

I really do agree what my primary friend, Mi Ling said,
"人到了最不知所措的时候,就会选择退缩选择放弃。 "

Yesterday night i really do heard something that
i dun expect from that person.
Finally i know the truth!
But y before u wanna make me believe that u willing,
that you really want to?
I'm trusting u before yesterday!
N now, finally, i know u're forcing.

Yeah~ as u said, i will take a good reference
from Brandon.
I will do so..

I'm a girl, not a thief,
and you are not a police!!!!!

As you said, i will forget what had happened
last night.
*Try to.

Anyone who read this post,
pls do not ask me any question!