Sunday, January 11, 2009

Long time did not upload my blog ad.
hmm.. i not gonna blog back the New Year post,
bcos there might be someone were forcing to go.
Going on in my new year life for this 10 days i will not blog too.

I really do agree what my primary friend, Mi Ling said,
"人到了最不知所措的时候,就会选择退缩选择放弃。 "

Yesterday night i really do heard something that
i dun expect from that person.
Finally i know the truth!
But y before u wanna make me believe that u willing,
that you really want to?
I'm trusting u before yesterday!
N now, finally, i know u're forcing.

Yeah~ as u said, i will take a good reference
from Brandon.
I will do so..

I'm a girl, not a thief,
and you are not a police!!!!!

As you said, i will forget what had happened
last night.
*Try to.

Anyone who read this post,
pls do not ask me any question!

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