Wednesday, May 7, 2008

gonna back 2 a familiar city

6.00am rite now. I jus left my Hs5 game...
Later goin back to Kl.. somewhr i familiar with.
I pindah house ad.. hope tat the enviroment and the space is gud and big.
but the worse thing is no internet.
Is time to back to my busy world. I m scare to step in to the hell... The One.
I live peacefully at home jus like a heaven. how can i change it so fast.
So i got to suffer for the 1st week.
It might not b tat suffer la.. cos 1st week ma. mayb not so fast got assignments^^
wakakaka... but nvm.
Im lin er. i can go through all this.
All tat will jus make my life more interesting,,
Design will color my life, jus like a rainbow!

Take gud care lin er^^

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