Saturday, March 1, 2008

bored n busy

So sienz~~ shit that housemate didnt pay the internet bill! make us cant on9 for a few days~ not im on9 at Gloria Jean's Coffees. Actually i hv to do research in my final project for finished art and the design workshop. but im dun hv the mood to do it... jus wait for some1 on9~~ hehe^^

Assignments us getting more n more! espwcially the finished art! got alot of things to do! arhg.... how m i goin to survive?! i duno who can help me now.... god? i dun think so. i think only me myself can help on my assignments. i hope tat i can finish my assignments v fast n perfect(v nice). hehe^^

last few days i saw Daniel le.. hehe~~~ y so hard to meet him or see him on9 de ler?? haiz...
nvm la.. i jus wan hv a meet with him, jus wan to b frd only la. no other things.

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