Monday, June 9, 2008

New skin

Im using a new blog skin. It is nice~ i had uploaded my photos here~

Friday i went to Mid Vally for the Indian Shopping Festival 2008. I went with my bf(Daniel).

First, we bought a movie ticket(Porm Night, not porn night) after that we went there. There have alot of people, many Indians there. Only a few Chinese there. There got a smell, not a bad smell~ I still can used to it. I went there for my History class assignment, it stand 50% for my assignment marks! First catches my eys was the Indian tatoo, dont know what it's name. It is very nice on my left hand. It's really nice~

After that we went to Mid Valley's food court for the ikan bakar. Daniel cant eat spicy food, but i forced him to eat. heheheh^^ He so cham la.. when he with me he have to eat spicy food. He wore very smart, semi-formal, v handsome o!! wakakaka.. so many lui kap him! When he was eating the sotong, fish and la la, the image spoil his look! But nevermind for me la.. ^^ after the dinner we went for the movie. after that i went to his house and took the Fei Tian Xi Shi, he got alot Hong Kong drama de lo~

After that we went to Asian Cafe yam cha with kevin, sham, his frd and my sister. after that we went home, the end of the day.......................

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