Tuesday, November 3, 2009

User test in website2

Anakku website: www.anakku.com




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User test

1. What do you think about the colors?

2. Are you comfortable in reading the content?

3. Do you know where and which one are the buttons?

4. Any comments for me to improve at?


米可,micco said...

Look at the whole design up quite comfortable and also the color, the typeface comfortable and appropriate for. And i found that the flower shape is a buttons. The product page can put more design on it and make it more interesting.Then, the News and event u should put some people will pay attention to the design. Finally, I feel very good, good.

chienyien said...

colors are nice and comfortable.
website looks cute, i feel so sweet as well.
but, why the flowers on top? i think there is a bit messy on the homepage. the products page looks good thou.
there are my opinion. i know nothing actually. sorry.