Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Strategic Brief

Project Defination

The project is all about to redesign the Anakku website, www.anakku.com.my . The website is all about the Anakku baby products, company profile and membership. In this project i have to redesign the website. I cannot rebrand, reposition or redesign the logo. I have 8 weeks to recreate at least 8 pages of HTML.

Current Site's Analysis Goal

The website is to show all the Anakku products, memeberhip and business opportunity. Beside that they also show the tips to the mother and the grow of the baby and baby needs. The target audiences are mothers and investors.

- First page should have some improvements, the first page not interesting and there is a advertisment that keep playing and do not have a music on/off button.

-Event page

- Product page can arrange in a better way.

- Double navigation in products page.

Client's Analysis

"Anakku" is a name synonymous with every parent's pride and joy and is defined simply as my child. It is a home-grown brand that has become so widely accepted it is now a household name. Anakku celebrated it's 30th anniversary in Malaysia in 2003, signifying a commitment that had endured in providing the best in baby-care products.

Anakku's wide range of baby products, built on a strong, solid foundation of premium quality, safety and reliability, are found in most department stores and major retail chains as well as having it's very own boutiques.

Anakku understood that caring for a baby is more than merely having comfortable and lasting attire. With the expansion of the company it also ventured to include a more comprehensive product range by introducing fashion-wear for babies and toddlers, feeding equipment, toiletries, diapers, accessories, strollers, playpens and more.

As anakku grew from strength to strength, it realized the need to exceed expectations by featuring a one-stop baby center. Anakku baby connection was thus established, a chain of anakku boutiques that showcases its full range of products.

The brand value

Anakku takes pride in making the world a happier place for babies and parents. After all there is no greater love than a parent's love for his or her child. From baby apparel to accessories, every Anakku product embodies the qualities of love, comfort and safety.

As a brand name that takes babies' well-being to heart, Anakku has made charitable contributions to the less fortunate as part of its corporate culture. Among the many projects undertaken by Anakku were the "Celebration of Love" and "Labour of Love" campaigns where the company donated RM250,000 (US$1.00 = RM3.80) and RM150,000 respectively.

Recently, Anakku launched the "Touch a Home" charity drive where RM250,000 was set aside to refurbish ten selected childrens’ homes. Anakku engaged the services of home improvement professionals for this task whilst its own staff brought cheer to the children through songs, games and tuition. These are just some of the many charitable acts Anakku has undertaken over the years.

Unique selling point

Provide all the needs products like travel, playing, nursery, feeding, clothing and babycare.

Short & Long-term Site Goals

The long-term site goal they should plan well in their website. Put more tips for mother and the baby cares. Always update the Event page and the member special to let all the audiences visit the website more frequently.

The short-term site goal they should always do some theme site like hari raya, christmas or chinese new year and etc.

The website should increase more member special beside get the cheaper price and some warm tips for mother and baby. So that the member will always view the website to get the fastest new arrival products. Besides that when the investors view the website they can easily understand the Anakku's products and the aim. That will increase the company business.

They can always put the promotion and highlights in several pages or it is in a motion, it is easier to get audience attention and to increase the audiences click in.

Target audience

Target audience of
customers are everyone.
buyers are parents.
users are babies.

Competitor's Analysis

Primary competitor is Johnson. Johnson is a sub-company from Johnson & Johnson, the world’s largest, most comprehensive manufacturer of health care products and related services. Their products has been trusted by doctors, nurses, and parents around the world.

Secondary competitor is Munchkin. The mission statement of Munchkin is
To rid the world of tired and mundane products by developing clever, innovative products that excite and delight parents, children and pets making parenting and life safer, easier and more enjoyable.

Tertiary competitor is Bright Starts.
Their smart, fresh solutions for parents and their babies deliver convenience, value, and FUN throughout each day. With a growing portfolio of over 100 innovative activity centers, play gyms, bouncers and toys, Bright Starts products guarantee a good time – for babies AND their parents. Backed by awards from numerous leading industry and consumer organizations, Bright Starts products are infused with the perfect combination of clever and engaging features, and are designed to spark smiles and laughter while developing your baby.

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